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The website uses cookies. By using the website ( and you agree to this policy, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of the policy. A cookie or HTTP cookie is a small text file that is saved in your computer, Hard Drive, and in your Mobile Memory. Cookies are saved by the website that you visit from your browser. Cookies help the website to know the interest of the user. Cookies help the website to remember user actions and preferences. Such as login, font size, language, and other display preferences. User and disable and enable cookies setting from their web browser.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies do not contain any details that personally identifies you, We only collect those cookies which help us to improve our user experience or our audience experience we do not collect any personal information.

The Cookies that are used on the website include those cookies which are strictly necessary cookies for access and navigation, cookies that track usage (performance cookies), And some cookies that help the targeted advertisements to our users and audience.

If you have any questions regarding how we use cookies then please go through with our terms and conditions page or you can contact us through our contact us page.

Ad’s Cookies

These are those cookies that help us to provide and deliver ads that are more relevant to you. These cookies also linked to site functionally provided by third-party apps. For e.g Google AdSense.

Cookies On The Website

We use both session cookies and persistent cookies on the website.